How do projection necklaces work?
07.16.2021 | An exclusive gift | Gift Guide BLOG

This is for moms everywhere. We wish you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve and hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day.

Normally, we don’t recommend inexpensive jewelry for any mother, however we came across this piece and it's pretty unique. It is called a projection necklace and it’s both affordable and optics-related so we had to jump on it. What’s interesting about it is the central feature containing a molded plastic lens. By using a light source such as your smartphone flashlight to illuminate the lens, it projects a message on nearby objects. In this case, a carefully crafted display appears that reads “I love you” in 100 languages. This is achieved through the use of microphotography. A 3mm piece of artwork is inset on the plano (or flat side) of the lens. It works like a mask blocking some of the light and allowing the words to illuminate on a wall or other surface. The lens also enlarges the artwork so it is clearly visible at a legible size. With a little maneuvering, the words project just right delivering a message of love. It may surprise you that this idea has been around for more than 150 years. The microphotography process was invented by John Benjamin Dancer, an English scientist who made a number of advancements in optics. We thank him for his contributions and especially thank mothers everywhere for their support and enduring love.

A name, a date, a memory, a belief or a word that tells a story or has a signification。to you or your loved one. Capture your special moment in time, surprise someone you love.

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